The NRC Drone Site Selection Tool is now certified by Transport Canada and Nav Canada and provides definitive information on airspace across Canada. This is according to the Transport Canada RPAS Task Force.

Provides Airspace Access Information

Advanced operators are allowed to operate within 3 nautical miles (NM) of an airport (a certified aerodrome) but only in accordance with “established procedures” (per CAR 901.73). This may not be an issue for a towered airport as the Nav Canada procedure for accessing this controlled airspace suffices. However, an airport in uncontrolled airspace probably doesn’t have an established procedure for drone operations. The NRC tool now provides an established route to gain access to this airspace.

NRC Tool Use

Go to the NRC website and select the “Advanced” operation by selecting the option as shown below:


After zooming in and centering on, say, Carp (CYRP), you will see a double oval shape highlighting the two runways (10/28 and 04/22).

Clicking inside the shape will reveal a popup that includes airspace access instructions. These instructions typically state, in part, to “…Contact and obtain proper permission [from] the airport/heliport operator…”. While this may seem trivial, it nonetheless constitutes an “established procedure” within the meaning of 901.73, at least according to the TC RPAS Task Force.

Happy Flying!