COVID-19 Update

Classes Resume – On-Line!

As we are not an essential service, all our in-class training is suspended for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we have moved both our ground school and flight review prep course to an on-line format. Same live presentation, just from the convenience of your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Our flight reviews are now being done in two phases. The first, via on-line video conference, is the pre-flight briefing. The second, the actual flying, is done outdoors while practicing social distancing.

Basic Pilot Certificate

If you want to fly in uncontrolled airspace away from aerodromes and airports/heliports, you could take the RPAS “Drone” Ground School as a preparation for the on-line Transport Canada Basic Exam.

Once you have completed the exam, you’re good to go.

Advanced Pilot Certificate

If you want to fly in controlled airspace closer to aerodromes and airports, we recommend that you take both the RPAS “Drone” Ground School to prepare for the on-line Transport Canada Advanced Exam and the Flight Review Preparation to prepare for the Flight Review.

Once you have completed the on-line Transport Canada Advanced Exam, you need to complete a Flight Review. We can administer the Flight Review as we have been designated by TC. Select the Flight Review product below.

Restricted Operator Certificate – Aeronautical (ROC-A)

If you just want to get your radio certificate, purchase the Radio License item. You’ll get instant access to our course notes and other study material. Once you are comfortable with the material, give us a call to schedule the exam which can be done via video conference.

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